Ryan Ratcliffe 2018

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Oulton Park - 01/04/13

After a long and frustrating weekend at Oulton Park, it’s fair to say I am happy with the results considering the circumstances. Due to a fuel pressure issues we qualified last. Thinking the problem was fixed on Sunday we set out for free practise on Monday morning and found that the problem was still there. The team managed to find the problem and fix it just in time for the first race.

We were off to a fantastic start. Rick drove a blinding stint taking us from last to first in class.  By the time he handed the car over to me we had a 26 second lead over Declan Jones and Zoe Wenham. However due to another team pitting in our pit box we miss calculated the pit stop time and got given a stop go penalty. This meant that Declan was able to take the lead from us in race 1 and we brought the car home in second.

I started race 2 and after being held up by a GT3 car on the first lap, I had a lot of work to do to catch the leaders. I was chasing down Declan but 4 laps into the race the brake calliper seized on and cooked the front brakes, leaving us with virtually no brakes! I nursed the car around to make sure the car was driveable for the second half of the race. Rick began his stint 26 seconds behind second position and 50 seconds behind the leader. We just wanted the point and Rick was lapping 2 seconds a lap faster than the leader even though we had no brakes!

After a GT3 car caught fire, the safety car was released, which played into our hands. By the last lap Rick was on the leader and much quicker. It was a tense 2 minutes for the team but Zoe planted the car on every apex making it impossible for Rick to pass her. Again we finished in second place but a highly credible finish considering the problems we had.

I am really looking forward to Rockingham, and confident that Rick and I are in a good position for a win.