Ryan Ratcliffe 2018

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After a strong debut at Brands Hatch, Ryan had plenty more he wanted to prove before the 2014 season closed its doors. However, the exuberant 21-year-old was battling a brake issue that had limited his team-mate’s potential to rise up the order earlier in the day too. Contact from then race leader Michael Caine didn’t help matters, but the Welshman persisted until after three pit stops the team decided it was safer to retire the #88 Bavarian beast after a long brake pedal developed into no brakes at all. 


Ryan Ratcliffe, driver #88

“I’m okay, just a bit gutted to not finish. When I took over the car I knew we had an issue with the brakes; they were super-spongey and the performance wasn’t there so I couldn’t push it and challenge for positions. The lap I came in, the brakes went completely and we had no option but to retire the car. It’s a shame, but I think the past two races have done me a lot of good and we could’ve got a top-ten today. Now it’s a case of seeing who is doing what for 2015.”

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Donington - 14/09/14